Food Photography at The Norm in the Brooklyn Museum

I love to photograph food and cocktails especially with new accounts who not only have these great dishes, but also work in incredible places like the Brooklyn Museum. Great Performances have some amazing locations throughout New York City and I was happy to have the chance to visit the Brooklyn Museum before the new Bowie exhibit to photograph some new food at The Norm.

Food Photographer Ben Hider

Bella Gioia New Food Photography

I'm always thankful to my friends at Project 13 for the connections with new clients in the food realm. Bella Gioia and Chef Nico have put some amazing food in front of me to photograph. Not only does it look amazing for the photos, but it tastes pretty damn good too.

Here is a behind the scenes view of my lighting setup for the food photography shown above. The restaurant has this amazing sky light that sits above a few tables and gives a very soft overhead light that works great for a table shot, and then I took over a corner table with a few Profoto lights. One has the amazing Large Deep Umbrella with diffuser and the other one has the more directional and collapsable Profoto Beauty Dish. All images were shot with two Canon 5D Mark IV cameras, one with a 100mm F2.8 Macro lens and the other with the super versatile Canon 24-70mm F2.8 Lens.

Food Photographer - Chubby's Sandwiches Food Truck

Nothing better than getting a call from an past client to photograph some new food for their new food truck business. Nico and his new partner make some crazy delicious sandwiches, I'll be watching out for their truck in New Jersey City, opening very shortly.

Most images photographed with a Canon 5D Mark IV and Fujifilm GFX 50S

Food Photographer Ben Hider

Food Photography @ The Grand Bar and Grill

I highly recommend the food at this Brooklyn Bar and Grill BEN_1414 Food Photography AT The Grand Bar and Grill Food Photography AT The Grand Bar and Grill

Food Photography @ The Grand Bar and Grill

Ben Hider - Event Photographer based in New York City and Westchester

With its generic name and standard gastropub interior (brick, reclaimed wood), it’s easy to see how The Grand Bar and Grill has stayed somewhat under wraps since opening in 2013. But in a neighborhood dominated by exotic ingredients and $17 small-plate dining, the Grand stands out for its flawlessly prepared classic fare from executive chef Wes Davis, modestly priced and served by the most affable staff in the area. Shishito peppers, lightly breaded and drizzled in citrus oil, put every other restaurant’s version of this ubiquitous dish to shame, and the fluffy handmade pierogi (served with habanero jam and sour cream) have silenced the most skeptical Polish dining companions. The short-rib-and-brisket-blend cheeseburger has, for one neighborhood resident, turned the Grand into “a real problem. I’ve started coming here like three times a week, not even counting Seamless.” With comfortable booths and a vast communal table in back, it’s perfect for large parties; alternately, you could post up at the restored 1870s bar with a classic cocktail and a pile of organic wings. If you’re tired of forking over $20 for a single jewel-like local beet, check out the Grand before it turns into Roberta’s.

The Grand Bar & Grill is located at 647 Grand Street between Leonard Street and Manhattan Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Open Monday through Friday 11am to 2am. Saturday and Sunday 11am to 2am.
Our menu is available everyday until 11:30pm, except on Friday & Saturday 12am, and Sunday 10:30pm.
Our brunch menu is available on weekends from 11am to 4pm.

Take the L train to Lorimer, Graham or Grand, or G train to Metropolitan.