Remote Camera Setup at Conferences and Events

I photograph a lot of amazing conferences and meetings for so many different brands across the country and always try to setup a remote camera or additional wireless camera to act as another photographer from a fixed angel. The remote camera setup allows me to move around more for different and often more creative angels, while I can still guarantee that we have straight images of the stage and speaker setup. I'm often hired by the people who designed and created the stage so I have to document their work as well as photograph the meeting or conference in progress. Often hiding a remote camera can help create an image that wouldn't be possible from a standard photographers perspective, and I like to mount cameras on monopods to reach different angles.

Remote Camera Photography

If you need a conference, meeting, party or gala photographed and you think a remote camera would be a nice addition, please don't hesitate to reach out and email me here. I'm always happy to make new contacts and work with new clients. I'm also available for headshots, portraits and lifestyle shoots. I have a great team who can help produce some amazing content.

Conference Photographer and Remote Camera Setup