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And here’s a little behind the scenes with my new Sony A9. I finally completely switched to Sony completely with two Sony A9 cameras and a bunch of new lenses. Everything performs so well! (Except maybe the Profoto Air Remote is a bit delicate)


Great Performances at Cooper Hewitt Design Museum

Here is some food photography I did for Great Performances at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum's Summer Garden Party. I love working as the photographer for museums in New York City, so it was nice when those two worlds collide and I got to attend a party at the Cooper Hewitt but could focus on documenting the food and the general atmosphere. There was a super cool cotton candy vendor there, handing out sparkly Rose flavored candy.

Food Photographer Ben Hider

Food Photography at The Norm in the Brooklyn Museum

I love to photograph food and cocktails especially with new accounts who not only have these great dishes, but also work in incredible places like the Brooklyn Museum. Great Performances have some amazing locations throughout New York City and I was happy to have the chance to visit the Brooklyn Museum before the new Bowie exhibit to photograph some new food at The Norm.

Food Photographer Ben Hider

Bella Gioia New Food Photography

I'm always thankful to my friends at Project 13 for the connections with new clients in the food realm. Bella Gioia and Chef Nico have put some amazing food in front of me to photograph. Not only does it look amazing for the photos, but it tastes pretty damn good too.

Here is a behind the scenes view of my lighting setup for the food photography shown above. The restaurant has this amazing sky light that sits above a few tables and gives a very soft overhead light that works great for a table shot, and then I took over a corner table with a few Profoto lights. One has the amazing Large Deep Umbrella with diffuser and the other one has the more directional and collapsable Profoto Beauty Dish. All images were shot with two Canon 5D Mark IV cameras, one with a 100mm F2.8 Macro lens and the other with the super versatile Canon 24-70mm F2.8 Lens.