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Portraits business photo photography head shot corporate We can fit in a few portraits into a small window, and setup in any corner of an office, taking only a couple of hours in all. Please feel free to reach out for headshot booking availability and rates

Ben Hider - Event and Portrait Photographer based in New York City and Westchester

head shot or headshot is a specific type of portrait (usually a photograph) that realistically demonstrates a person's appearance for branding or casting.
Corporate and business Head Shots - Corporate head shots are portraits often produced digitally and used for engaging in social media, the about us page and industry specialty sites. A Headshot or Head Shot is often used for branding and to showcase the business leaders life, style and personality while Corporations will use the headshot to merge branding between the people working for them and its agency. Traditional head shots are still taken in a studio setting, though shots "on-location" or "in-the-field" continue to increase in popularity. In both cases, backgrounds tend to be simple. Subjects are often shown head-to-chest or head-to-torso.

Corporate head shots serve a variety of purposes:

  • Annual reports
  • LinkedIn personal profiles as well as publisher profiles
  • Facebook
  • About us Page
  • (Nonstandard) résumés
  • Corporate catalogs, brochures and advertising collateral
  • Company publications and websites, internal and external
  • Press releases and other announcements
  • Marketing materials
  • Articles and newspapers
  • Author pages