Puxin IPO at the NYSE

After many years working as the photographer at the New York Stock Exchange it is always a pleasure to return to NYSE and photograph an event for an old client. I was hoping to spend the morning on the trading floor photographing the actual IPO, but instead I got to spend the evening in the iconic board room covering the party and speeches of the CEO of Puxin. Being the New York Stock Exchange's official photographer was an honor for nearly 5 years, but work as an independent photography business has continued to prove a pleasure. My photography business hasn't changed since 2009 when I graduated from the Pratt Institute with a Masters of Fine Art, but it continues to evolve with different clients being a priority. The New York Stock Exchange was one of my largest clients from 2010 - 2015 but in the past 3 years I've worked for some amazing clients and the diversity of work has been incredible. Photographing food, and food related events continues to be some of my most rewarding work.

NYSE Photographer Ben Hider