Nissin i40 Compact Flash Review

BEN_2838BenHider140428sm I've been looking for a new compact flash for my Leica for a long time. The Leica SF 24D flash is the perfect size but has a ton of features missing and the menu is cumbersome to navigate around. I'm sure if that was the only flash I ever used I'd find it more intuitive, however I predominantly shoot with a couple of Speedlite 600EX-RT flashes on my 5D mark iii and 1DX.

I want the flash that goes on my Leica to have these 5 features.

1) Fully manual power that's easy to navigate.

2) Rotating head.

3) Use AA batteries.

4) Easy to add or remove diffuser (not an extra piece that can be lost)

5) Small enough to fit in pocket and not overpower the balance of the camera

The newly released Nissin ($269.00) is the perfect looking option. It has all of the above features. It's hard to find a small flash that has a fully rotating head and manual settings. For more specs see their website here. They won an award for "best portable lighting system" from TIPA. To see a full list of all other winners go over to TIPA's website.

BEN_2835BenHider140428sm Untitled-1sm

Here's a good side by side for scale


The flash is brand new, so it's hard to write a comprehensive review, but for now I'd give it two thumbs up. It seems to cycle quickly, and is a fantastic size and weight on top of my Leica.

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Ben Hider - Event Photographer based in New York City and Westchester