City Harvest Leadership Summit 2015

NY_Food_Photographer_1209 NY_Food_Photographer_1210 NY_Food_Photographer_1211 NY_Food_Photographer_1212 NY_Food_Photographer_1213 NY_Food_Photographer_1214 Hunger won’t be solved by food alone. Solving the problem of hunger in our cities requires innovative approaches and deep collaboration between leaders of all sectors of urban life.

The inaugural City Harvest Leadership Summit will

  • - Spark new understanding and inquiry into the interconnectedness of hunger and the structure of cities
  • - Foster a sense of urgency, empowerment, and potential for eliminating hunger in our cities
  • - Facilitate new connections and dialogue between sectors and disciplines
  • - Establish a transdisciplinary platform for advocacy and action to carry the Summit’s work into the future 

    Ben Hider - Event and Portrait Photographer based in New York City and Westchester