Food Photography

Great Performances Catering Menu photography

Always happy to get booked for some food photography and always a pleasure working with the amazing team and chef at Great Performances.

Food Photographer Ben Hider

Bella Gioia New Food Photography

I'm always thankful to my friends at Project 13 for the connections with new clients in the food realm. Bella Gioia and Chef Nico have put some amazing food in front of me to photograph. Not only does it look amazing for the photos, but it tastes pretty damn good too.

Here is a behind the scenes view of my lighting setup for the food photography shown above. The restaurant has this amazing sky light that sits above a few tables and gives a very soft overhead light that works great for a table shot, and then I took over a corner table with a few Profoto lights. One has the amazing Large Deep Umbrella with diffuser and the other one has the more directional and collapsable Profoto Beauty Dish. All images were shot with two Canon 5D Mark IV cameras, one with a 100mm F2.8 Macro lens and the other with the super versatile Canon 24-70mm F2.8 Lens.

City Island Restaurant Food Photography

Nothing better than spending the afternoon in a new restaurant photographing their food. We photographed a lot more dishes than originally planned, it was an onslaught of seafood, surf and turf and the most amazing looking roast pork with crispy skin or crackling. I love working as a food photographer and would love to create more content like this for other restaurants in New York City or the Hudson Valley.

Food Photographer Ben Hider

Bluestone Lane Coffee in Hoboken

There seems to be no stopping Bluestone Lane who are constantly opening beautiful coffee shops in great neighborhoods, this time they move to New Jersey where I was able to photograph the impeccably designed new coffee shop.

Shot with the Fujifilm GFX 50S with 63mm F.28 lens and a Canon 5D Mark IV with 16-35mm F2.8iii

Food Photographer Ben Hider