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And here’s a little behind the scenes with my new Sony A9. I finally completely switched to Sony completely with two Sony A9 cameras and a bunch of new lenses. Everything performs so well! (Except maybe the Profoto Air Remote is a bit delicate)


Creating Video content for the Effie's

Working as a photographer is always so rewarding, but I also love working with a video team, sometimes providing set stills and sometimes assisting in the whole process. It’s a different dynamic working with a group in a studio setting, but one that I enjoy a lot. Morgan handled the Effie’s interviews like a pro, making each subject feel comfortable and open about their work and experience judging the Effies 50th Anniversary year. Max and Oli both handled the cameras with skill and kept things rolling, or speeding along.

For more video production or questions about this production or future productions please reach out via email