R.I.P Anthony Bourdain

About 8 or 9 years ago I used to photograph celebrity events nearly every day, or at least whenever I could race to my email quick enough to snag a contributor event for Getty Images. It was a crazy couple of years where I would run around New York City photographing anybody I could who might one day make me a few dollars on the stock site. I'd call myself a "celebrity event photographer" and that would often elicit the question, "Who's the coolest celebrity you've photographed?" I'd normally blush a little and get a bit embarrassed by the question, because the answer was honestly not what people expected: Anthony Bourdain. He was such a huge character, and lived exactly the life I'd dream of, traveling and eating all over the world. If you asked me my dream job more recently it would probably be to travel with Anthony Bourdain as his stills photographer. If I ever travel anywhere outside America I often look up whether Anthony Bourdain has been there, and then see where he ate. It worked a charm in Amritsar, India, where I ate one the greatest meals of my life that cost under $3. 


Celebrity Event Photographer Ben Hider