J. Streicher Party at NYSE

J. Streicher at NYSE J. Streicher at NYSE J. Streicher at NYSEJ. Streicher at NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)

J. Streicher & Co. LLC (JS), the oldest specialist (DMM) unit in the industry has a rich history and a strong tradition of providing unparalleled service for our family of listed companies. JS's longevity and success can be attributed to our close client relationships and unwavering principals. Our objective is to be the DMM (Designated Market Maker) of choice for the world's leading "listed" companies, on both the NYSE and NYSE Amex. This dual membership enables our mid size clients to seamlessly transition as their businesses grow and evolve.

JS is backed by a track record of more than a century; the firm has specialized in an array of listed securities through the best and worst market conditions. Those include household names with market caps ranging from $10 million to $100 billion. Our employees are talented and seasoned professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of domestic and global markets. We have partnered with the New York Stock Exchange on their iconic trading floor to build a platform for long-term relationships that can stand the test of time.