Las Vegas Conference Photographer

I love traveling as a photographer for clients. It allows me some time to see new places and work for new people. Of course a lot of my work is based in New York, but this month I travelled to Las Vegas and Los Angeles for Proscenium to cover 2 large conferences. My main juseob in Las Vegas was to document the incredible set, stage and lighting built and designed by Proscenium. I setup a few remote cameras around the venue at The Sands in Las Vegas and fired them while also shooting center stage with a long lens. I use a few Canon 5D Mark IV bodies with pocket wizard triggers and have found the new Fuji XF10 is a really great little remote camera to shoot stages with. It has a built in intervalometer and 24 megapixel APS-C size sensor. The files are perfect.

Las Vegas Conference Photographer based in New York City