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And here’s a little behind the scenes with my new Sony A9. I finally completely switched to Sony completely with two Sony A9 cameras and a bunch of new lenses. Everything performs so well! (Except maybe the Profoto Air Remote is a bit delicate)


Food Photography - NYBG Kids Culinary Weekend

It's always a pleasure to work at the New York Botanical Gardens, but especially when I'm asked to cover some of the amazing kids programs that include the edible garden and some great chefs. Check out Two Moms Kitchen for more recipe ideas and make sure you visit Matt Abdoo's new place in the Village, Pig Bleecker and Brooklyn joint Pig Beach.

Food Photographer - Ben Hider

Food Photography - Starr Catering at Rubin Museum

I love visiting the Rubin Museum, especially for the incredible food offered by Starr Catering in the Serai Cafe. I'd highly recommend all of the new dishes, especially the pork belly and the octopus.

You can see more of my food photography work at

Food Photographer - Ben Hider

Food Photography - White Onion

More work on the light table with a product I'm eating for lunch. I love the white on white and even the reflection on the table. I wouldn't describe myself as a minimalist, but its starting to look that way after the last Coca-Cola post as well. Perhaps I'm a bit of a minimalist when it comes to my food photography.

Food Photographer - Ben Hider

Fine & Rare Restaurant and Bar Interiors

I love seeing new bars and restaurants in New York City open, and its an even greater pleasure to photograph the new spaces. Tommy and his team have done an amazing job designing this high end cocktail bar and restaurant with a beautiful stage. I'm looking forward to getting back there in the coming week to photograph the food and drinks. It looks like they have an incredible selection of spirits. Take a look at their website here - Fine & Rare

I've been working on shooting interiors and open spaces with my iPhone 7 plus. The new camera on the phone does an amazing job and is starting to become usable in low light. The files need a little more processing, but are starting to look useable and can be a fun way to document a new restaurant.

Ben Hider - Event, Food and Portrait Photographer based in New York City and Westchester

Carla Hall at the New York Botanical Gardens

Carla Hall Chef Portrait Chef Carla Hall attends the Edible Academy at the New York Botanical Gardens

Ben Hider - Event, Food and Portrait Photographer based in New York City and Westchester