Russell Sage Foundation Dinner

Russell Sage (August 4, 1816 – July 22, 1906) was a financierrailroad executive and Whig politician from New YorkUnited States. As a frequent partner of Jay Gould in various transactions, he amassed a fortune. Olivia Slocum Sage, his second wife, inherited his fortune, which was unrestricted for her use. In his name she used the money for philanthropic purposes, endowing a number of buildings and institutions to benefit women's education: she established the Russell Sage Foundation in 1907 and founded the Russell Sage College for women in 1916.

Long Lens at the Waldorf Astoria

Event Photographer Long Lens waldorf-astoria-photographer_4147

It's not always the most creative position as your really unable to move around, but there's still something fun about shooting the stage with a 400mm lens. I haven't shot for Getty Images in nearly a year, but this paid assignment landed on a day that i had no other work. They also brought this well used Canon 400mm F2.8 for me to use.

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Birch Family Services Spring Gala 2015

Ben-Hider-BEN_0120 Ben-Hider-BEN_0205 Ben-Hider-BEN_0274 Ben-Hider-BEN_0333 The Birch Family Services 2015 Spring Gala will bring together over 250 corporate sponsors, partners, Board Members, philanthropic supporters, and members of the Birch community to celebrate our programs and honor individuals who are committed to helping children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities gain independence and achieve success across the lifespan. Your support will help make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals with special needs and their families throughout New York City.